TSSG Professional Development Institute

The TSSG Professional Development Institute was a dream that we could develop those that have aspirations to transition their career, need to improve their own development or get more hands-on experience with our experienced instructors. The course material is free, but there is an instructor fee. Courses start at $299. We offer company discounts for group purchases. To obtain a certification or diploma students will have to score an 80 or above on the exam.

The instructors will make the course material relevant, and practical for you to be able to use the information. The instructor will be available with examples and give the student the ability to ask questions for clarity.

You will be able to obtain your certificate in digital or in a frame that would be mailed to you for a cost. You will have access to your certificate in the dashboard to show completion. Classes will start in September 2020.

You can purchase your Introduction to HR Concepts tickets at the bottom of the page.

Courses Offerings

  • Introduction to Human Resource Concepts (10 Hours “Level 1” Certificate) – This online course, Introduction to Human Resource Concepts, covers the basic jobs when working as a human resources assistant and strategies for doing these jobs. Students will learn about recruiting, selection, and orientation along with training and development. The course will also cover motivation techniques, teams and teamwork “So, why wait? Start this course today and learn about human resource concepts. The course has some additional learning like I-9 Training, Employee Investigation tips, and how to apply Federal Law in the workplace. (10 Modules) ENROLLING CURRENTLY!
  • Modern Human Resource Management (15 Hours “Level 2” – Diploma) – This course in human resource management course will teach you how to effectively coordinate between your organization and its employees. Becoming a top-notch HR Manager involves more than management functions like planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. It also involves the study of psychology, communication, economics, and sociology. This course will help you bring all these skills together to become a better HR Manager.
  • Change Management – Organizational Capacity for Change (3 Hours) – This online course in change management introduces you to OCC or Organizational Capacity for Change. Businesses need to be able to deal with ongoing change, and OCC is designed to help them achieve this goal. OCC involves human resources, systems and procedures, and organizational culture. By the end of this course, you will be able to build an effective change strategy and play an effective role in organizations going through change. (3 Modules)
  • Leadership Skills in Business (3 Hours – Certification) – This online Leadership Skills in Business course will teach you the leadership skills required by successful entrepreneurs and business professionals. Entrepreneurship needs more than just unique business ideas to succeed. This course includes lessons on how to organize your company, how to select your business team, how to manage your business team, and how you should behave as a business professional to bring success to your organization. Boost your business leadership and management abilities, organizational skills, and recruitment know-how.
  • Transformational Leadership (6 Hours – Certification) – This online course will teach you the most effective tips and techniques you can use to improve your relationship with your team and help your team members become as effective as they can be. Also, the course starts by helping you get rid of old lies and misconceptions about leading, and gives you new, empowering, and effective beliefs and values. You’ll learn how to deal with staff issues quickly and effectively by improving your relationships with staff and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your team.
  • Supervision Diploma (8 Hours – Diploma) – This online Supervision diploma teaches you about different ways of giving support to other people and helping them develop good habits, perform more effectively, and feel more comfortable at work. Good supervisory skills are the foundation of strong professional relationships, this course will teach you the supervision and leadership skills that can help you to build and maintain cohesive, effective teams. (14 Modules)
  • Behavior-Based Safety (3 Hours – Certification) – This online behavior-based safety course provides an introduction to behavior-based safety practices in an organization. This course is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders and how they can get to know their team members and also motivate them but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. Take this free online course today to give a boost to your professional abilities. It is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders and how they can get to know their team members and also motivate them but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. It may be of particular use to Health and Safety Auditors, Representatives, and Officers or Managers.