Our experienced recruiting team is looking forward to taking this task off your plate. We have worked and recruited individuals from multiple industries from Warehouse jobs to Executive level positions. We will be an extension of your Human Resource and Talent Acquisition team. We know how important recruiting great talent for today and for the future. We believe our 2% to 10% recruiting/headhunter fee is the best in the nation, and we stand by the quality candidates that are submitted. We make sure the job description is federally compliant and professional.

Position Fee Percentage (Rate depends on job/location)*

  • Hourly Positions Percentage Fees (2% to 4%)
  • Salary Positions Fee (5% to 8%)
  • Director/Executive Fee (10%)

Example of Fee Structure:

Hourly Positions 2% – $12 per hour job (Annualized Salary -$24,960)

Total Due 2% of $24,960 = $500

  • $100 (20% to Start the Process)
  • $400 (80% when candidated selected)

Salary Position 5% – $50,000 Annual Salary =$2,500

  • $500 (20% to Start the Process)
  • $2,000 (80% when candidated selected)