HR Retainer Services

TSSG Consulting has launched a new service for those that feel like they can’t have an HR department or don’t have enough projects to have a $50K salaried HR professional. All organizations welcome to sign up for the membership or prescription. Pricing Plan starts at $500 per month ($6,000 Annually) OR project based.

HR Business Partner I Salary |

The base salary for HR Business Partner I ranges from $58,700 to $70,700 with an average base salary of $64,600. The total cash compensation, which includes the base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $61,600 to $72,700 with the average total cash compensation of $66,500.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I do if an employee files an EEOC claim (discrimination) against the company?
  • Do I have all Federal & State posters posted in the location?
  • How can I recruit the best talent?
  • How can I improve my employee turnover?
  • Why are my employees leaving the company?
  • How do I develop my manager’s skills to lead and operate in a more professional manner?
  • How do I handle harassment in the workplace?
  • How do I protect my assets or company?

Benefits of HR Retainer

  1. Flexibility – Fixed price services mean you often get hit with overage charges for work not covered by your work arrangements. With a retainer, everything works on a rolling basis. Moreover, retainer agreements are often results-focused rather than task-focused. This makes it easier to stick to a budget and save money on the same services that would cost more if priced differently.

  • Predictability – Hiring an HR agency to work per-hour or per-project can make it difficult to budget for the task. With a retainer agreement, you know what you’re spending each month and what you’re getting in return. More importantly, responsibilities and timetables are all clarified in the retainer agreement itself to protect both parties and keep operations more predictable.
  • Work with One Agency for all Services – Agencies that operate on retainers often offer a breadth of services to account for all your needs. This allows you to partner with just one company and consolidates operations to make managing all the moving parts much simpler. This simplifies collaboration and control and, likely, leads to better project outcomes.
  • Efficient – Like the ability to work with one agency for your services, retainer agreements are efficient because an agency only needs to get familiar with your organization once. This is better than working with disparate agencies for each project and saves you the time of familiarizing a new team with your company each time you need something accomplished.
  • Proactive – Retainer agreements allow agencies to proactively anticipate needs and plan accordingly. If an agency is working on a program for one month and sees a new need arising from it, they can account for this new project the following month. By taking projects on a rolling basis, agencies can proactively anticipate your needs and resolve them accordingly.

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